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We resolve wounds.

We revolutionize

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Welcome to the Wound Care Revolution

Offering home health and hospice agencies a comprehensive solution to address your most challenging wound care issues and improve your bottom line via cost savings.


NEW! Resolve wounds at home! Via the COVID Waiver

Via this permanent waiver, we are enabled to treat wound patients at home - wherever that may be (including home, hospice, or skilled nursing facility)! So patients with stage 3, 4 or unstageable wounds NO LONGER NEED TO BE TRANSFERRED to a hospital or SNF, reducing your caseload. Their wounds can now be treated at home or in hospice, and you retain your maximum reimbursements!


No charge for patient-specific wound DME kits

As part of our revolutionary app capabilities, customized wound DME kits will be prepared for each patient and shipped directly to their home. This will significantly reduce your wound dressing/supply costs. In fact, there’s no charge for any of our wound healing services provided to home health/hospice agencies!


Eligible patients, billing, and contracts

At this time, the above services are available for Medicare Part B and Tricare for Life patients ONLY. We will take care of billing. Because of the simplicity of the program, no contract is even needed (except for a HIPAA agreement signed between all parties).


Advanced wound healing via skin substitutes

We are able to offer you 95+% healing of your most difficult wounds via treatment with products derived from human placenta. These are products specifically from the amnion and their healing abilities (via stem cells, growth factors, etc.) are very impressive. They are commonly referred to as “skin substitutes.”


Wound Management via AI-based App

We are thrilled to offer your agency the benefits of this app - there is nothing like it anywhere. Providers routinely call the app “MAGICAL” when they first experience it! Why? Imagine with one click of a button (the photo of the wound), the provider will generate:


  • the length, width, and DEPTH of the wound

  • comprehensive treatment plan for the wound (including specific products that factor in your Medicare LCD)

  • progress notes that are updated weekly

  • documentation that FAR EXCEEDS Medicare requirements and standards

Complete the Facility Profile Form below with answers to these questions, and we'll be in touch to schedule a Zoom!

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