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Sanitation Unit

Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Protect your patients and staff by

accurately tracking and reporting hand hygiene compliance events.

The MOST Technologically Advanced Solution

  • Utilizes NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction) technology

  • Designed for centimeter accuracy proximity detection (not meters as with RFID)

  • Ultra low power technology does not require battery recharging or powered sensors

The EASIEST to Implement

  • Totally stand-alone!

  • NO integration needed with hospital wi-fi, network

  • NO facility IT support required

  • Takes less than 45 days to implement

The LOWEST Price

  • The most affordable high-tech hygiene service available

  • One all-inclusive price INCLUDES hardware, software, badge, training, installation and service costs

Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections by 50%

Fully meets your Leapfrog requirement!

Comprehensive customized dashboard reporting

The ONLY solution to report on duration of hand washing

Adopted by 30+ major health systems

Winning test pilots versus competitors EVERY TIME!

Can generate a 10-20x​ ROI


Are you still using Manual Observation or an RFID system? 

Consider upgrading to this

state-of-the-art hand hygiene monitoring system!

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