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In-Office PCR Pathogen Lab for suspected UTIs, vaginitis, rectal swabs


Benefits of PCR

Discover better clinical outcomes and a new revenue stream when you add our In-Office PCR Lab program to your practice. 


Pathogens Detected

Our lab includes panels for UTI, rectal swab, vaginitis, respiratory, and wound and test for all these pathogens...


The CORE Difference

We know you have options when it comes to choosing a lab partner - find out why The CORE Group is preferred! 


PCR Studies

We've compiled a list of published studies that compare PCR to traditional culture, and highlighted the importance of pre-prostate biopsy rectal swabs. 



Hear what your peers are saying about their experience with our In-Office PCR Lab. Spoiler alert: they're raving!



Still have questions? You might be able to find the answer in our comprehensive list of FAQs. Or just contact us directly!

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