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The CORE Group is proud to bring the medical community innovative products and programs that serve a valuable purpose in your practice or facility.

Our Portfolio of Services

We carefully curate a portfolio of services to ensure each of our programs offers you a two-fold benefit. First and foremost, we aim to help you optimally manage your patients and reach positive clinical outcomes as fast and efficiently as possible. Secondly, these solutions-focused services will provide you with incremental revenue or substantial cost savings.

Close up saline solution drip for patient and infusion pump in hospital, with space and br

Tech-Enabled Pharmaceutical Rebate Management Solutions

Our partners validate and capture consistently overlooked rebates. Generate incremental revenue with no upfront or out-of-pocket costs.

Ideal for: Infusion centers, Rheumatologists, Oncologists, Gastroenterologists, Neurologists

Image by Fiona Murray

Wound Care Solutions: Reimbursements for Research

An outcomes-focused program for the data-driven practice. Join our team of clinicians across the country to collaboratively advance the field of regenerative medicine.

Ideal for: Medicare Part B Podiatry Practices, including solo physicians

Insulin vials against a background_ properly cooling and storing insulin..jpg

Physician-directed Physiologic Insulin Resensitization (PIR)

Address the root causes of insulin resistance with the groundbreaking approach where insulin is administered dynamically as a hormone, not a drug.

Ideal for: Endocrinologists

Our Team

The CORE Team

Our experienced corporate team is eager to provide medical professionals across the nation solutions for improved clinical outcomes and revenue enhancements.

Kevin Danylchuk

President & General Manager

Kevin Danylchuk

Kendra Warne

Manager, Client Services

Kendra Warne

Joanne Lewis

Director, Finance / Commercial Ops

Joanne Lewis

Jacqueline Schauer

Mgr, Marketing / Corporate Services

Jacqueline Schauer

Erica Jalil

Director, Client Services

Erica Jalil

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