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The CORE Group is proud to bring the medical community innovative products and programs that serve a valuable purpose in your practice or facility.

Our Portfolio of Services

We carefully curate a portfolio of services to ensure each of our programs offers you a two-fold benefit. First and foremost, we aim to help you optimally manage your patients and reach positive clinical outcomes as fast and efficiently as possible. Secondly, these solutions-focused services will provide you with incremental revenue or substantial cost savings.

Pipetting Samples

In-Office PCR Pathogen
Lab Program

PCR pathogen tests use a faster and more accurate process to quickly identify the culprit pathogens from their DNA! Open a completely new and often very substantial revenue stream for your practice with this program!

Ideal for: Podiatrists, Ob/Gyns, Urologists

Image by Fiona Murray

Wound Care Solutions: Reimbursements for Research

An outcomes-focused program for the data-driven practice. Join our team of clinicians across the country to collaboratively advance the field of regenerative medicine.

Ideal for: Medicare Part B Podiatry Practices, including solo physicians

Insulin vials against a background_ properly cooling and storing insulin..jpg

Physician-directed Physiologic Insulin Resensitization (PIR)

Address the root causes of insulin resistance with the groundbreaking approach where insulin is administered dynamically as a hormone, not a drug.

Ideal for: Endocrinologists

Doctor and patient

In-Office Rx Medication Dispensing

Offer enhanced patient care and convenience, and increase practice revenue with point-of-care dispensing.

Ideal for: Podiatrists

Washing Hands

Hand Hygiene Monitoring Solution

Minimize hospital acquired infections with the easiest to implement, most technologically advanced solution, while also increasing your Leapfrog Hand Hygiene score.

Ideal for: Hospitals, including Critical Access Hospitals

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Enterprise Remote Patient Monitoring

Utilize industry-leading Vital Sign Monitors at no cost to decrease ER visits, improve patient outcomes, and save 40% of your staff's time.

Ideal for: Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our Team

The CORE Team

Our experienced corporate team is eager to provide medical professionals across the nation solutions for improved clinical outcomes and revenue enhancements.

Kevin Danylchuk

President & General Manager

Kevin Danylchuk

Kendra Warne

Manager, Client Services

Kendra Warne

Joanne Lewis

Director, Finance / Commercial Ops

Joanne Lewis

Jacqueline Schauer

Mgr, Marketing / Corporate Services

Jacqueline Schauer

Erica Jalil

Director, Client Services

Erica Jalil

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