Who Can Dispense?

    Any healthcare provider licensed to prescribe prescription medication can dispense medications at the point of care and receive the resulting insurance reimbursements with our program. However, there are a few states that do not permit point of care prescription medication dispensing or have rules that make it impractical.

Most states permit point-of-care prescription medication dispensing by medical providers (see the white states on the map above). The states that presently do not permit point-of-care prescription medication dispensing or have too many restrictions to make it viable are (in red above) Montana, Utah, Texas, Arkansas, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Louisiana and North Carolina do not permit Podiatrists to dispense, though other specialties may.

What is the Ideal Provider Profile?

    We can work with just about any healthcare provider or group to establish and run a point-of-care dispensing program, but there are a few factors that could preclude point-of-care dispensing.

Dispensing is a great fit for practices that are:

Solo or group practices or even groups with multiple affiliated practices at different locations

Independent and able to implement new programs

At least 10% commercial pay in their patient population

Relatively busy, seeing at least 20 patients per day

Dispensing typically does not work well for practices that are:

Not independent and restricted in what programs and services they can implement

Almost exclusively seeing Medicare or Medicaid patients

Seeing only a small number of patients each week

Exclusively field based such as a house call doctor

Which Specialties Best Fit the Program?

    Any healthcare provider with writing privileges can participate in our point-of-care dispensing program. However, some of the specialties that best fit the program and realize the best outcomes are:

 Primary Care


Sports Medicine

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