What Medications Can be Dispensed?

    We offer medications in our program for you to dispense in two categories: Insurance-Reimbursable Products and Cash-Pay Generics.

    The Core Group's dispensing program is unique in that it offers many insurance-reimbursable products. Exampes of commonly prescribed medications fitting this category include anti-inflamatories (both oral and topical), topical antifungals, topical steroids, peripheral neuropathy medications, topical anesthetics and skeletal muscle relaxants.


    Our list of medications that are very well reimbursed by insurance payers is short and closely curated. Part of our service to you is the constant monitoring and maintenance of this list and the associated reimbursement trends, ensuring you always know which products are in this category.

    Our list of cash-pay medications is extensive, including hundreds of prescription meds like antibiotics, SSRIs, ACE Inhibitors, Corticosteroids and Sildenafil — essentially any generic medication you may want.

    Many of the practices in our program choose to dispense medications from both groups, though you may opt to work with medications from just one list. And you can of course adjust your product mix whenever you like, typically only stocking about a week's worth of medication at a time. There are never any minimums or maximums required of you.

    We do not include any opioids or controlled substances in our program.

Insurance Reimbursable

Cash-Pay Generics

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