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Snowman Retractor

Snowman Retractor

A popular choice for urologists and gynecologists (and sometimes for joint surgery) for a large range of procedures.

Square Retractor

Square Retractor

It fits over even the most awkward surgical sites and is a favorite in many colorectal, orthopedic, and ENT procedures ​

Self-Retaining Surgical Retractor

A self-retaining, single-use retractor system providing clear visualization, optimal exposure and access to the operative area. Stay hooks are placed into the tissue and the elastic side is inserted into the slots on the ring, providing counter traction. The slots on the ring easily secure the stays in place, but readily release when rapid reposition is required

...for surgical self-retaining ring retractors! In operating rooms, the overhead light is repositioned every 7 minutes - interrupting surgery and impacting

safety for patients. Our Light will fix that problem - forever!

  • Flexible and consistent

  • Four different light intensities

  • 4-hour battery life

World's 1st Ever LIGHT...




All single-bagged: only grab as many as you need!

Galaxy II Kit-2.jpg

5mm Sharp 

  • A meticulously designed stay hook with a sharp point

  • Used in a range of different procedures where the surgeon wants exact control in narrow spaces

  • Very strong with a slightly flexible tail that sits firmly in the grooves of both square and snowman frame

Available in boxes of 50 or 100

Galaxy II Kit-13.jpg

7mm Double Sharp 

  • Double sharp hook tip to gently grab more tissue with secure, precise placement and allowing for simple repeat positioning

  • Fits most retractors or can be clamped to drape if used on its own

Available in boxes of 50 

Galaxy II Kit-7.jpg

3 Finger Claw

  • 20mm x 37mm three finger claws hold higher loads (over 30N) and grab more tissue

  • Fits most retractors or can be clamped to drape if used on its own​

  • For extra hold, double secure the tail in two grooves

Available in boxes of 50 

Galaxy II Kit-9.jpg

5mm and 12mm Blunt 

  • Blunt stays hold tissue gently and are suitable for frail tissue in older patients.

  • It penetrates less than the sharp stay hook.

  • Easily released and repositioned

Available in boxes of 50 or 100


Pre-packed and sterile single-use kits

Snowman Kit

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 9.46.35 AM.png

Includes snowman shape self-retaining retractor with 8 sharp 5mm stay hooks, ready packed with catheter clip. One small box contains 10 single-use kits, and is compact and lightweight to reduce CO2 emissions in shipping.

Square Kit

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 9.45.14 AM.png

The square shape is an extremely adjustable retractor thanks to its quadruple CAM lock joints. Includes a Square self-retaining retractor, pre-assembled, pre-packed and sterile in a kit with 8 blunt 5mm hooks and clip to hold away the catheter.

NEW: Male Kit

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 9.44.47 AM.png

A brand new self-retaining surgical retractor kit specifically assembled for Male Pelvic Health procedures (i.e., penile implants). Includes the unique and innovative penile hammock that reduces the need for sharp hook penetration in sensitive male anatomy, thus improving recovery and reducing infection risk.

Our Surgical Retractor Q&A

What is a self-retaining retractor?


Self-retaining refers to retractors that are using counter-traction to hold the retractor in place. With ring retractors, this is done by using stretchy hook stays that are fastened in the tissue to be retracted, and secured along the ring in grooves on the frame.

What makes our surgical retractor unique?


Our self-retaining surgical retractor is the next generation of single-use retractor systems (older versions have been around for 15-20 years and have screw mechanisms). It helps provide clear visualization, optimal exposure and access to the operative during surgical procedures, minimizing the need for additional assistants.

What does our surgical retractor consist of?


Our surgical retractor is made of lightweight yet strong medical grade plastic. The stays are made of steel hooks encased in medical grade silicone, with stretchy tails for optimal tension. Our surgical retractor uses less plastic than the older versions, thus reducing waste, weight and environmental impact.

How is our surgical retractor used?


Our surgical retractor is placed over the incision, with stay hooks of choice placed into the tissue and secured on the frame, facilitating rapid re-positioning when required. The unique design protected CAM locks allow for single-handed adjustments with a simple flick of a thumb. 

Operating Room Benefits


  • Free up the hands of an assistant

  • Improved access to surgical site

  • Single-handed adjustments

  • Less instrument clutter

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Fewer staff in operating room

  • Great visual access for students

Cost Benefits


  • No sterilization cost

  • Pre-packed, sterile kit

  • No need for assistant to retract

  • Easily adjusted during surgery, reducing operating time

  • Less staff cost

  • Better ergonomics for staff

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