Why Prescription Medication Dispensing

at the Point of Care?

Patient Convenience


    When you dispense prescription medications at the point of care, your patients do not need to make a second trip to a pharmacy to collect their prescription medications, which can be a challenge for some patients, particularly those with transportation limitations.

Patient Compliance


    About 30 percent of the prescriptions doctors write are never filled by the patients receiving them. When you dispense prescription medications at the point of care, you know your patients leave your office with the medication in hand that you want them to be taking. This is a clinically better way to treat your patients.

New Significant Revenue Stream


    Every time one of your patients leaves your office with a prescription in hand to fill at his or her local pharmacy, you are missing an opportunity to realize that reimbursement revenue yourself. It does not make sense to operate as a full-scale pharmacy, but typically there are a handful of prescriptions you write frequently. Some of these may enjoy strong reimbursements and it makes sense to dispense these yourself at the point of care.


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