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     The Core Group continually monitors the latest developments in medicine in order to bring to the healthcare community the best products and services that satisfy our corporate vision, which improves patient outcomes and drives revenue for the practice.

     Please explore the rest of our pages to learn more about some of our industry-leading products and services.

The most innovative products

The Core Group selects products to distribute that either have a unique competitive advantage, represent "best in breed" in some way, or are new and innovative.


We distribute products that health care professionals want and need so that you can sell as much as possible!


We have products that include medical devices and services, equipment, consumables, and pharmaceuticals, and they span many different therapeutic areas.


Our portfolio includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, capital equipment, laboratory tests, nutritional supplements and many others.

A 25-year history of success

The Core Group is a division of Vanguard Pharma, which was established in 1993 and has been doing business ever since throughout the United States and Canada.

The Core Group and its management team have been in the health care business for nearly 30 years.


Our broad experience spans virtually every therapeutic category and every specialty area of clinical medicine 


We are highly experienced in all matters related to healthcare products / services so that YOU can benefit from our experience!

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