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Test Tubes

Molecular Lab Solutions for Podiatrists

Do you currently send suspected fungal nail and wound infections to an outside lab?


The technology now exists to do that IN-HOUSE... with our on-site molecular lab program!


Our results come back FAST - within 3 hours (not 3 days or more)!

Our results are more ACCURATE - we use PCR testing (no fungi can hide from their genes!).


Huge Growth Opportunity for Your Podiatry Practice


Building a podiatrist-owned lab in your practice with The CORE Group can help enhance revenue and keep more of it in-house. Maximize billing and revenue while also saving costs and time by eliminating the need to send your specimens to a national laboratory. 


Rapid Diagnosis of Nail Fungus and Wound Bacteria

How does the program work?


The CORE Group will coordinate the procurement of all lab equipment and supplies.

We provide technical set-up, validation, train required lab personnel / technicians.

We ensure your new lab complies with state and federal regulatory standards.

Your podiatrist-owned, in-office molecular lab will be fully operational within 2-3 months of contract execution!

Patient Benefits


Your focus is to improve patient care, and we are here to help! When you leverage your on-site molecular lab, patients benefit from faster sample turnaround times and streamlined 

reporting access to aid in the diagnosis and management of infection. 

Practice Benefits


Our podiatry lab solutions can help enhance your practice revenue with the reimbursements for nail and wound specimens using PCR, which vary state to state and by insurance carriers. Providers see a significant increase in practice revenue with our program. 

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