How Does Point-of-Care Dispensing Work?

    There are a few steps to complete before you can begin dispensing prescription medications at the point of care and collecting the insurance reimbursements for those prescriptions.

Step One: Credentialing

    The first step is the credentialing process. We provide you with a packet to complete containing the necessary contracts and forms required to obtain licensing with your state to dispense medication at the point of care and to establish eligibility with insurers to be paid for the dispensed medications. Once we have your completed packet, we go to work for you to complete everything necessary to get you properly licensed and credentialed, which typically takes four to six weeks.


Step Two: Your Formulary

   While the credentialing is underway, we will work with you to understand the medications you write most frequently and the patient population you see to help you devise your own personal formulary. You may want to dispense one or two medications, or you may want to dispense 20 or more. We will work with you to tailor a formulary that best serves you and your patients. You can choose a mix of highly reimbursable medications as well as cash-pay generics like antibiotics if you like, or just focus on a few medications. And you can change your mix at any time.

Step Three: Practice Prep

    The last step before going live is to fully prepare your practice for dispensing. During this phase, we will prepare your staff for the new initiative. They will be pleased to learn how quick and easy it is — typically about 60 seconds of effort per dispense. We will train your staff on the software platform, which is the backbone of the program. We will help you place your first order for medication (typically about a week's worth at a time) so you are prepared to dispense, and we will ensure everything is in place and everyone is ready and comfortable for you to begin.

Step Four: Support & Maintenance

    Our support continues beyond setup. We provide: weekly reports, billing on your behalf for all your dispensing activity, constant monitoring of your formulary, ensuring the best product mix for your patients and your practice. We will never leave you on your own without help or our team at your disposal. And of course we are available to you to answer any and all questions you may have at any time, conduct any additional training you may need for current or new staff, and to alert you to all opportunities and changes in the prescription drug world that may be pertinent to you, your patients or your practice.

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