What Are the Benefits of a

Point-of-Care Dispensing Program?


    Patients benefit from our point-of-care prescription dispensing program by:


Receiving the prescription medications from your office that they require rather than having to make a second stop at a retail pharmacy after your office visit.

They pay the same copay they would pay for the prescriptions you dispense to them as they would at a traditional retail pharmacy.

They receive the exact medication you want them to be taking to improve their health.


    Practices benefit from our point-of-care prescription dispensing program by:


Better serving patients with a more convenient means of obtaining their prescription medications without any additional cost to the patient.

Assurance patients are on their prescribed medication therapy because you know the patient left your office with the medication in hand (about 30% of prescriptions go unfilled).

Adding a very significant new revenue stream by collecting the reimbursements for the medications you dispense.

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