It sounds strange to say this, but what we are getting at here is that we believe the selling process is universal, and the best salespeople understand what needs to be done in order to turn a prospect into a customer.


    There are potentially many obstacles to overcome in a successful sell, but ultimately, since we only take on products that provide unique benefits to our customers (and their patients), everyone should be able to feel good when a sale is made with The Core Group's products.

    In our experience, established business relationships where trust and mutual respect are already present are a major benefit to the sales representative. 


    Many sales representatives in our network formerly sold pharmaceutical products. They realize, though perhpas not at the time, that the years in that job were simply a "warm-up" for greater things. That is: preparation for the career they have today with The Core Group because it allowed great physician relationships to blossom and set the stage to "really sell and make the living they deserve."

    At The Core Group, you will be an independent representative. There is no micro-management, no meaningless administrative busy-work, no endless red tape.

    We want people who jump out of bed in the morning and say to themselves: "What great things am I going to make happen today?"

    If you get this — and can truly sell — you will do very well with The Core Group.

Ideal Sales Representative Profile

    The Core Group is looking for people with the following three characteristics:

Selling Experience

Established HCP relationships

Self Motivation - YOU in Control

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