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Hydrotherapy Foot Soak Program

Program Synopsis

A patient-friendly, safe, effective and comfortable way for patients to manage many clinical issues of the feet. This is a LOW-TO-NO-COST program for many patients (if a co-pay applies, it is often under $7).​

Clinical Rationale


  1. Foot infections can be treated TOPICALLY placing the medication where it belongs to heal infections or help treat in-grown toenails.

  2. Hydrotherapy foot baths ELIMINATE the possibility of dangerous systemic side effects.

  3. Drug interactions that are typical of oral medications are of NO CONCERN with this program. 

  4. For many patients who are overweight or not agile enough to topically apply medications on their feet, the hydrotherapy foot bath is a perfect solution!

  5. Patients find the foot bath experience very soothing and comfortable. Typically, two 15-minute foot baths are prescribed daily.

Ease of Administration for Your Practice


​Physicians tell us they love this program not only for the clinical benefits it provides the patients, but also for how EASY we have made it for them! Once a prescription is made (via fax or e-prescribe), we handle all the details including working directly with the patient!

  1. We will manage the patient's insurance coverage and co-pays (if applicable).

  2. We arrange for shipping of the medication and the foot bath unit to the patient's home.

  3. We provide an ongoing resource for patient questions, reminders, etc.

  4. We help monitor the patient's progress and suggest a follow-up visit to you.

Special Benefit


A Conair Hydrotherapy Foot Bath unit is provided AT NO CHARGE to the patient (retail value approximately $30), shipped directly to the patient's home as part of the benefits of this program.  As mentioned above, the entire program is often at NO COST to the patient (if copays do apply, they average under $7).

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