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Ear Exam

In-Office Hearing Health Care

Bringing hearing services where they should be - in your practice.

Discover our Turnkey Solution for Your Practice

We understand that a stronger working relationship between hearing service providers and physicians leads to better patient outcomes. That's why we offer physicians like you a turnkey solution to meet the audiology needs of YOUR patients, including managing the department, while adding a new revenue stream to your practice. 


Practice Benefits

  • NO expense to your practice

  • Seamless integration - NO disruption to your practice

  • Higher patient retention. Our program enables physicians to provide their patients additional professional health services at no additional cost

  • Turnkey hearing health care solution to patients: convenience, quality care, solution options

  • Patient referrals resulting from increased patient satisfaction

  • Incremental income guaranteed through space rental and administration compensation.

  • One-stop (in-clinic) convenient location for complete hearing health care needs

  • Reduce patient's overall cost of care

  • Increase patient care and satisfaction - patients know they're in good hands with their trusted physicians to provide high quality and compassionate health care

  • Improve overall quality of life through early detection and treatment of hearing loss

  • Integrated approach to caring and compassionate care: an extension of your practice delivering the personalized health services patients are accustomed to receiving

Patient Benefits

How our program works:

Some prevalent health conditions have a strong link to hearing loss. Physicians play a key role in detecting hearing loss that often goes unnoticed by patients. Our services will provide these patients with their options at your practice as a continuation of the care and services already offered. Partnering with us gives you the advantage of screening those patients for hearing loss on-site at no additional cost to your practice, and your patients have convenient access to in-office hearing health care services.

Are you ready to provide your patients with comprehensive hearing health care? Complete the form below and a representative will contact you to get started - it's that easy! 

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