Medical Device Sales Representative

             Selling a Product with Unique Benefits & Fully Reimbursed! 

Every once in a long while an opportunity comes along that is a “game-changer” for one’s career, one’s well-being, and one's livelihood. Such a selling opportunity must be “win-win-win” for the doctor, the company, and the sales representative.


Imagine selling a device that offers the medical community ALL of the following….

  • is FDA approved 

  • offers new technology that provides valuable insights into patient health status that physicians have not had access to previously - and are very interested in acquiring to help them make good clinical decisions 

  • will be routinely and commonly used (multiple times per day in the average physician’s practice) 

  • improves patient care 

  • is simple to use for both physician and patient 

  • is time-efficient - only a few minutes needed per patient 

  • is non-invasive, and very patient-friendly - no blood samples, no cheek swabs needed, no electrodes 

  • is of interest to a wide variety of physician specialties (FP, IM, Cardiologists, Ob/Gyns etc…) 

  • has multiple approved CPT codes for private payers, Medicare, and Workmen’s Compensation 

  • reimbursement via the above is already established - we provide billing assistance if needed 

  • no up-front payment required by the physician 

  • no up-front payment is required by the patient (except for the office visit - reimbursement is provided via the above payers) 

  • in an era of stagnant or even declining physician incomes, we offer physicians an excellent, supplementary income via reimbursement for established CPT codes 



Here is the profile of representative that we are looking for: 

  • a previous history of selling success 

  • established relationships with physicians (especially FPs, IMs, Ob/Gyns etc…) is ideal, but not necessarily required 

  • an enthusiastic, upbeat, positive attitude 

  • the ability to learn quickly in order to discuss clinical benefits and practice management issues with physicians (namely, enhancing their revenue) 

  • an understanding of the reimbursement model in medicine is helpful (CPT codes) 

  • most importantly, the ability to sell “good medical practice” in a helpful, professional manner  



  • four-year college degree 

  • selling experience/skills as per above 

  • a clean driving record  


What we offer:

  • a unique compensation plan that is structured to YOUR needs 

  • salary/commission OR all commission models available 

  • comprehensive medical/dental benefits available  

  • territorial expense reimbursement available 

  • UNCAPPED bonus/commissions 

  • our unique approach to compensation puts money in your pocket every single time that the device is used by the physician - you need not be present and the average use is 3-6 X per day 


We are hiring in most major metropolitan areas across the US, including:

  • New York/northern NJ/Long Island 

  • Los Angeles/Orange County 

  • Chicago 

  • Dallas/Ft Worth 

  • Houston 

  • Washington DC 

  • Baltimore 

  • South FL 

  • Philadelphia 

  • Boston 

  • San Francisco 

  • San Diego 

  • Phoenix 

  • Seattle 

  • Salt Lake City 

  • Denver 

  • St Louis 

  • Minneapolis 

  • Detroit 

  • Cleveland 

  • Columbus 

  • Cincinnati

  • Atlanta 

  • Raleigh-Durham 

  • Charlotte 

  • Orlando 

  • Tampa


To apply, please include with your resume a brief cover letter indicating why you feel that this is an exciting career opportunity for you in an e-mail to Be sure to include your cell phone number.

We thank everyone in advance for their interest, but only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.


Time is of the essence — Interviews will be taking place shortly in your local area.

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