DVT Prevention


DVT prevention is an important goal for many physicians, especially in high-risk patients such as those following certain surgeries, high-risk pregnancies, and those with poor circulation or a history of DVT. Physicians worry that the side effects of Rx medications often used for DVT prevention may outweigh the benefit.

The Program In a Nutshell


The CORE Group will supply practices with battery-powered (rechargeable) pneumatic compression DVT prevention devices for physicians or surgery centers to prescribe to patients who are considered at risk for DVT.  The devices mimic the body's natural muscular contraction to increase venous blood flow in the lower extremities. Clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy of this class of devices in preventing DVT.

We will handle all of the insurance paperwork on behalf of your practice once your office or surgery center submits the requested forms to us. Neither your practice nor your patient will ever be billed, even if the insurance ultimately doesn't cover the device.


Designed for

at-home patient or in-clinic use


very easy

to use


design, ease of mobility

One-touch on/off button operation;

No setup needed


for patients

Battery lasts 

up to 24 hours

What's Unique About The CORE Group's DVT Prevention Device?

Popular Specialists for This Low-Cost DVT Prevention Device

Orthopedic Surgeons / Spine Surgeons          General Surgeons

Plastic Surgeons                                              Ob/Gyns

Internal Medicine                                             Any physician who handles Workers Compensation patients


Certain private commercial payers

Workers Compensation