What Are the Benefits of a

Point-of-Care Dispensing Program?



Patients appreciate being able to fill their prescriptions in their doctor’s office with no extra trip to a pharmacy needed and no waiting in a pharmacy line.

 Many patients have transportation challenges, and alleviating the need for a trip to a pharmacy can be a huge relief and benefit for them

No Added Cost

 Prescription copays in our program are the same for your patients as they would be in a retail pharmacy — no difference, and patients appreciate that.

Better Clinical Outcomes

 Patients are less likely to fill a prescription at the retail pharmacy than in your office — in fact, up to 30% of prescriptions go unfilled currently.

 With you taking more control of the prescription dispensing process (and fewer prescriptions going unfilled) patient outcomes will likely be better.



 Fewer pharmacy callbacks to request medication changes due to coverages or other reasons.

Operational Ease

 Our pre-adjutication reports inform you if a patient's insurance covers them for a specific medication in advance of their office visit.

 Only about 60 seconds of work are required for your staff to dispense a single prescription. 

Competitive Advantage

 Patients appreciate the service, which allows your practice to stand out foremother practices not currently offering point-of-care dispensing.

New Revenue Stream

 Point-of-care prescription medication dispensing opens a completely new and significant revenue stream for your practice without adding new patients

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