Dispensing Financials

    In our dispensing program, we do all the billing related to your dispensing activity. We do not touch your other billing, and all of our fees are directly tied to your activity — if you don't dispense, we don't invoice you. You receive the reimbursement checks and we later invoice you for our fees. This approach aims to keep you cash-flow positive — you receive the insurance reimbursements before the invoices for our services and for the cost of the medications are due.


Open a SIGNIFICANT NEW REVENUE STREAM for your practice.

Keep the highly-reimbursable prescriptions you write every day in house vs. sending your patients out the door with a prescription to fill at a local pharmacy.

Program fees only generated when you dispense.

No direct startup or termination fees.

Customer-friendly invoicing terms to keep you cashflow positive.

Very satisfied customers across the United States.

Many customers call our program their #1 ancillary service.

    Every practice is unique with different prescribing habits, different payer mixes, different patient populations and different locations where they practice. Please contact us, and we will be happy to do a revenue potential assessment for you and your specific practice.

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