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Our Family of Services

The CORE Group is part of a family of companies serving the medical community in a variety of ways. Read more below and on our corresponding websites to learn how Vanguard Pharma, The CORE Group, Surgery Innovations, and My PPE Pal are here for you!


Here at The CORE Group, we are dedicated to bringing programs and services to medical practices that drive new revenue streams, while delivering clinical benefits and positive outcomes for patients... in other words, Clinical Outcomes plus Revenue Enhancements!


Surgery Innovations is focused on enhancing the surgeon and patient experience in either surgery centers or hospital settings with innovative products, programs, and services. Products such as our DVT prevention device, affordable UV light disinfection, and fluid management systems are brought to you with the intention of improving your workflow efficiency, patient care, and overall safety before, during, and after surgery.


Since 1991, Vanguard Pharma has been providing 

contract sales solutions and recruiting services for various specialties within the healthcare industry, including pharmaceuticals, OTC products, medical device, medical equipment, dental, and more! 


In an attempt to address the shortage of PPE supplies across the US in the COVID-19 pandemic, My PPE Pal™ was born in early 2020. We have quickly become a trusted partner for many hospitals, government agencies, and medical practices sourcing critical PPE. 

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