Who is The Core Group? Well, our name is what we do. CORE stands for Clinical Outcomes + Revenue Enhancement. The Core Group is a division of Vanguard Pharma, which is a well established traditional contract sales company in the medical industry operating in the United States and Canada.

     Our main purpose is to bring you, members of the medical community, products and services that serve a valuable purpose in your practice, helping you optimally manage your patients and get to positive clinical outcomes as fast and as efficiently as possible.

     But, “positive clinical outcomes” is only half of the story – we ALSO want to bring you products and services that add incremental revenue to your practice! We understand the financial pressures that you are under these days. It doesn't serve your practice or your patients well if your office is not thriving financially, so we want to help!

     That is our mission: Clinical Outcomes + Revenue Enhancement.

     Every single one of the products and services we bring to your attention must have BOTH of these features or we won’t waste your time with it.


     We carefully select products that satisfy our corporate mantra, vet them thoroughly to ensure they are significant and legitimate opportunities for you, and ONLY THEN will we bring them to you.

     We have several products on our growing list to offer you.

Who We Are

     Please visit both our Rx Dispensing Program section and our Products pages, where several of them are detailed.

     We look forward to working with you and enhancing your practice to bring about improved clinical outcomes while growing your revenue!

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